Paying with credit card

Fluid Pay

Cloud-based payment gateway products, including fraud detection, automatic account updater, batch processing, cash discount, customer payment vault, dashboard analytics, dual pricing, and e-invoicing.

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Paying with credit card

ATTACKDOG: A secure payment fraud detection solution that doesn't require lots of information from customers and can easily be embedded into workflows.

AUTOMATIC ACCOUNT UPDATER: Automatically update vaulted payment methods in the event a customer's payment information is expired or replaced. Processor agnostic!

BATCH PROCESSING: Process payments in a batch by uploading a CSV. Useful if you perform multiple billings for customers. Works for one-time transactions and subscription too.

CASH DISCOUNT: Lower Your Monthly Card Payment Processing Fees Over 90% By Using The New DTI Exclusive And Patented “Cash Discount Program” (DCD).

CUSTOMER VAULT: Save your customers' payment method and let us take care of PCI compliance. Mitigate your risk by utilizing the customer vault.

DASHBOARD ANALYTICS: Detect trends and take the guesswork out of your business all in ONE PLACE! Advanced and detailed statistics.

DUAL PRICING: The merchant presents the customer with a cash and a credit card price, allowing the consumer to decide on their preferred method of payment.

E-INVOICING: Use E-invoicing to invoice customers via e-mail and SMS with an embedded link. Customize your invoice based on the needs of your business.

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