Manage your business with ease by streamlining operations with staff management, payroll reports, product and inventory management and more.

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Shift Management
Say goodbye to paper rotas forever with easy-to-use drag and drop shift scheduler.

Payroll Reports
Manage payroll with flexible compensation options and drill down to how much each staff made.

Products And Inventory Management
Easily track product inventory, see what’s selling and get alerts when your stocks are running low.

Live Dashboard
Easy to understand reports and dashboard that helps you stay on top of your most important KPIs

Upgrade your online booking system
Supercharge your appointment booking with a powerful yet simple calendar like tool that is seamlessly synchronized with appointments, staff and schedules.

Online Bookings
Give your customers the access to book appointments from anywhere - on your website, app and social media

Schedule Management
Keep track of schedules, bookings and appointments all synchronized into a single workflow.

Appointment Reminders
Save time and cut down on no-shows by up to 40% with automated text/email reminders.

Cancellation Fees
Capture payment from clients when they book online and charge cancellation fees if they don’t show-up

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