Liquid Payments POS

Liquid POS

The Liquid Payments online patient payments processing software system is a child of the mobile generation and supports dialog between patient and provider. This includes a TeleCharge function to notify patients of medical charges and enable patients to make payments via their phones or smart devices. The system provides patients with the same speed and convenience they are very familiar and comfortable with.

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Liquid Payments POS

Process Patient Payments Faster: Liquid Payments brings the speed, convenience, and accuracy of online patient payment processing to healthcare providers struggling with compliancy paperwork, slow payments, or disparate payment management systems. It’s a liquid-fast solution that gets cash flowing again. With modern mobile technology, easy setup, and full integration with today’s EMR/EHR or practice management systems.

The Liquid Payments solution:

  • Delivers immediate improvement to A/R collections
  • Improves speed of cash flow
  • Reduces costs
  • Eliminates errors
  • Creates operational efficiencies
  • Supports patient mobile phone convenience
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